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about Adam

Paper Publication for Professors

"Writing skills play an important role in getting your paper published. The Writing Center will be able to give you advice on the logic and structure of your paper that is essential for publication. You will find that the acceptance rate of your papers will be definitely higher than before."

-Minho Cho Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar Hospitality
Boston University

Doctoral Student Articles 

“Adam’s advice on writing English papers has been very helpful and beneficial for me. I didn't know the difference between Korean and English writing style until he pointed out the mistake in my paper. I have improved my writing style by getting feedback on my writing. I would like to recommend this program to my colleagues.”

-Jongchul Jung Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering

Writing a paper in English is not easy work even if someone is a native speaker. For  good writing, the best examples have to be chosen and practiced. For this reason, Adam gave me a lot of useful examples and taught me how to write to express my ideas. I think this will be a great help for those who are preparing an English paper as I experienced.

-Jae-Ho Lee Ph.D Candidate
Image Engineering Lab, Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering


"I could identify problems in my writing through academic writing class. And I learned about organization and sentence structure. So, I think that my writing skill has improved. I appreciate my writing instructor’s help in writing my dissertation."

-Ehwa Yun Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Nursing

Presentation Papers

“I took part in an international conference held in Hong Kong from March 12 to March 14 2004. I think that the writing and comments by Adam were a very important factor to help me give a fluent presentation at international conferences or meetings. In short, Adam's help (proofreading & editing) gave me confidence to give an English presentation.”

-Jin Yoo Kim, Ph.D. Candidate
Urban & Real Estate Economics

MBA Essays

"I got plenty of help from him while I wrote my essay for my MBA application. It was not just simple editing. As an inexperienced English essay writer, I was able to learn what an MBA essay should be. His useful advice helped me to bring about an essay with much richer content. Thanks to his help, I will study in Michigan Business School starting this fall."

-Jinsook Park
Korea Telecom


"I had to write a resume because I was interested in working for a foreign company. But I had no idea how to write a resume in English. My Teacher helped me with not only grammar check but also designing it to make it look better. Finally, I got a great resume by revising and redesigning it three times."

-Kyung-mi Huh
Business Administration Graduate