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The difference between Results, Discussion and/or conclusion can be quite unclear. However, the results section should not simply describe the results but INTERPRET the significant findings. The reader can read the raw results for themselves. It is your job to select the findings. In most fields you should save a detailed discussion or implications of the results for your conclusion, findings or discussion section. This division is not always clear. Results and Discussion sections are closely linked.

Here are a couple of very useful links describing results sections for Thesis writing:



Results sections may also:

  • Justify the methodology
  • Interpret the results
  • Cite agreement with previous studies
  • Comment on the data
  • Admit problems or difficulties in interpreting the data
  • Point out inconsistencies or problems with the data.
  • [Adapted from Thompson (1993) as cited in Swales & Feak (1994 pg. 170).

I clearly highlight and attempt to explain any interesting or significant results. I do not merely describe all of the results, but interpret the important results for the reader.__

I have mentions whether my results support or differ from previous research in the field. If they differ I have attempted to explain why. This may also be part of the discussion section. __

Identify whether your results section simply describes the results or if the author comments on and interprets the data. Examine the data and try to determine why such comments were made. ______

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