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Statement of Purpose


The statement of purpose is a standard type of essay that is often required to enter graduate shool. Always check the webpages of the schools you are applying to carefully. The advice that follows is general advice and may not be appropriate for all applications, especially Medicine, Law and MBA schools.

A site created by successful foreign students in America:

Advice and some examples:

Good general advice:


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§         A tutorial with introductions:

§         A basic FAQ:

The paragraph that follows is a good example of typical advice. Many Korean students write too much about their personal life and dont give enough detail about how it relates to their specific goals, research interests, and reasons for going to a particular graduate school. This detail is especially important for Doctoral Programs.

The Statement of Purpose (300-500 words): This statement should be a precise and powerfully written intellectual biography. What writers or authors, courses, literary works, critical texts have influenced you? What critical questions, historical or national issues, disciplinary or interdisciplinary interests do you hope to pursue in graduate school and beyond? Why? Why at Illinois in particular?

US College Application Advice

Mostly for SAT undergraduates

MBA Advice


§         MBA Blog the process of applying from a successful applicant:

§         List of MBA BLOGS interesting reading:

§         General Admissions advice (not an endorsement of services):

Essays are King
If I had to estimate, based on my experience and feedback, how big a part in the decision essays make, I'd say 65%+, with interviews and recommendations making up another 25% and stats making up the rest. That's just my gut feeling, but it fits with everything I've read and heard. In the feedback sessions I've had, I've spent a total of maybe eighty seconds talking about non-essay matters. Yeah. 

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